Jacksonville Jaguars to trade Julius Thomas to Dolphins

By | December 8, 2017

The Jaguars owner came forward Thursday night to say that he “absolutely” would sign Kaepernick if the team’s football personnel wanted to do so, per Mike Dempsey of 1010 XL/92.5 FM in Jacksonville.

Kaepernick has failed to find a suitor after parting ways with the 49ers in March. His high-profile decision to kneel during the national anthem last season in protest of the treatment of minorities in the United States might have turned off some league owners, but not in Jacksonville.

Ramsey’s June core muscle surgery put a slight damper on his buzz until I turned on the Game Pass footage from last season. Ramsey was one of the league’s best cornerbacks down the stretch, in part because the Jaguars asked him to do so much.

Ramsey travels far distances in a league dominated by zone coverages and cornerbacks who stay on one side of the field. His speed and fluidity was on full display in Week 17, when he lined up across from Colts receiver T.Y. Hilton for most of the game, whether Hilton was in the slot or on the outside. More importantly, Ramsey’s size and toughness allowed him to swallow up Hilton (whose 95 receiving yards came mainly against zone looks) for long stretches.

you know what I mean? Obviously, with the other tight ends coming in, my job is to show them the way [and] lead by example. I’m fortunate enough to have a good group of men coming into the room. It’s not a bunch of guys that you know can’t take constructive criticism or guys that think they know it all.

I think it’s important to go out there and understand that your road to success is always under construction. You always have to be working on whatever your weaknesses are. I’m pretty sure [Blake Bortles is] aware of his. I don’t scout talent, so based on our conversations and what he wants to get better at, I know that it’s in the front of his mind and he will get better at that.

The Jaguars are trading the veteran tight end to the Dolphins, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported, via a source informed of the pending move. Per Rapoport, it’s expected that the Jaguars will receive a 2017 seventh-round pick in return.

The trade will not be official until the start of the new league year on March 9. The Dolphins’ official website reported Wednesday that Thomas passed his physical, citing a league source.

When Tom Coughlin rejoined the Jacksonville Jaguars as executive vice president of football operations, I instantly wondered how my old coach would impact the team from his office instead of the sidelines. The two-time Super Bowl winner spent 20 seasons in the NFL as a head coach delivering his message from a lectern at the front of the room each day. But his new role would require him to oversee the operation from afar, while GM David Caldwell and coach Doug Marrone carry out his vision for the team.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I was a little skeptical about Coughlin serving as the top executive without acting as the chess master on the field. I played for the Jaguars in 1996 and ’97 when he wore all of the big hats in the building and controlled everything, from the office to the field. Coughlin consistently outlined his expectations for the organization and did everything in his power to make sure that the team played up to the standard. From imposing “Coughlin Time” (meetings begin five minutes prior to scheduled time) to the infamous “Concentration Line” at the edge of the practice field (once you crossed it, it was all business), he set the stage for our success by encouraging the team to pay close attention to the details.

When new executive vice president Tom Coughlin discussed the reason the team exercised the fifth-year option on Blake Bortles, he mentioned the move kept the franchise tag open for other players. We were left to assume Robinson was player No. 1 in that scenario.

Both Robinson and the team could decide that wading through the 2017 season might be their best option before striking a long-term solution. The franchise tag for receivers this year was $15.682 million.